An Afternoon In Venice

We drove for a couple of hours from Bardolino to a camp site at Fusina from where we took a passenger ferry that ran hourly over to Venice.  The return fare was €13 each and the journey to Zattere on the waterfront at Venice took half an hour.  The blue spot on map indicates where we were staying. 

 It was the first time we had been to Venice and we enjoyed wandering around that beautiful city, although there were too many large groups of tourists following their leaders – you had no chance if you met a group coming towards you on a narrow bridge!  Too many pigeons as well!

The weather was perfect for sightseeing, sunny with high wispy clouds, about 20° with a light breeze.   It was pleasant enough to wander slowly along the narrow canals, over little bridges and into beautiful piazzas.  We looked inside a few ornate churches and listened to an orchestra playing in St Mark’s square – some folk were sedately dancing to the music.  We are not the most enthusiastic city tourists and we did not fancy the idea of joining the long queues waiting to visit Basilica or the Doge’s Palace, so we admired them from the outside, leaving plenty of scope for a future visit.  We stopped at a waterside restaurant for an early supper before we caught the ferry back to Fusina.  That was Venice sorted!