Poznań… and More Poznań

Cobbled Street, Poznań

We spent three long weeks in Poznań waiting for Camperspol to complete the remedial work on our habitation box. They had to remove the windows and door and re-attach the corner sections of the box where the original adhesive had failed. We were impatient to be on the road again and it was sheer torture being stuck in the city, especially when the temperature soared to above 35° dropping by only a few degrees at night.

We stayed at the same Airbnb we had used previously – it was spacious, comfortable and situated in the historic centre of town. At the end of our street was a small open air market where we bought fruit and vegetables and every street had a corner shop selling groceries, bread, fresh milk. Our street also had a pretty little park, two hairdressers, a cake shop and a butcher. The area was full of bars, cafés and restaurants and each day we wandered along the narrow cobbled streets to find something to eat. Most restaurants opened at midday and stayed open until late at night so there was plenty of capacity to grab a meal whenever the mood took us – usually we had a late lunch or early supper. Poznań was a prosperous university city and the restaurants were of excellent quality and good value by UK standards. As it was so hot we preferred to eat inside and discovered, if you booked on line, you would be allocated a table inside where it was marginally cooler. If you blew in off the street you sat outside with the hoy polloi and the pigeons.