Lake Malta in Poznań

We drove east from Brandenburg for several hours and reached Poland in the early afternoon.  Our camp site in Poznań was beside a man-made recreational lake, constructed in 1952 by damming the local river.  Lake Malta was just over 2k long and 500m wide and was used tor rowing events.  The lake was surrounded by a promenade, cycle tracks, cafés, a hotel and an amusement park.  There was an artificial ski slope and thermal baths and the whole area was surrounded by grassland and mature trees.

The campsite was almost full on our arrival and the weather was warm and sunny.  The next day it was raining so we spent some time enjoying the thermal baths.  There were connecting pools inside and out and we emerged two happy hours later very, very clean.

Malta Camping, Poznań
A narrow gauge steam train puffed past our site with irritating regularity.

There were dedicated cycle paths everywhere and we cycled into the old city centre where there was a large market square with shops and pavement cafés, dominated by the Renaissance style town hall, now a museum. 

The Market Square, Poznań
Renaissance Town Hall

The final attraction on our tourist itinerary was a visit to see our expedition truck, which was being prepared to have the chassis sandblasted ready for spray painting.