Rubbish Puppies

The track to Le Relais Camp Site at Marrakech
A hungry puppy

In Morocco we were accustomed to seeing rubbish strewn along the road-sides and littering areas of waste ground. The track that led from the main highway to our campsite in Marrakech was typically strewn with detritus. Whenever we drove past we could see several dogs lying in the shade, almost invisible against the sandy soil. We noticed two of their offspring foraging for food amongst rubbish from nearby overflowing bins. One evening we had lamb chops for supper and were left with some bones which normally we would have put into the waste bins on site. Instead we walked down the track and gave them to the two puppies. The young dogs hungrily started to devour our scraps but as we moved away the adult dogs appeared and commandeered their food.

Amongst the rubbish you may see a puppy enjoying our lamb bones

The dogs were wild and wouldn’t come anywhere near us so the next time we brought the puppies our meaty leftovers we stayed for a few minutes to give them a chance to feed before the big dogs took over.

The puppies got first refusal of our meaty scraps