There was not a lot to say about the local city of Shkoder, six miles from the campsite.  The weather was good and the city had an attractive pedestrian precinct with small shops, restaurants and pavements cafés.  Some of the shops resembled car boot sale stalls but the more modern ones were more like BHS or H & M.  I bought a polyester T shirt made in Turkey for €6.  

We saw several dogs lying on the pavement and in the gutter and we wondered whether they were alive or not.  Much to our relief they occasionally moved and we realised they were sleeping in the sun!  There was a scruffy green park with fountains (not functioning), library and museums so the city should have been worth a day’s exploration.  However, its communist past painted a drab veil over everything and after an hour of wandering around and, having enjoyed a small beer at the open air bar outside a hotel (cost £1.20 each with peanuts), we returned to our campsite by the lake.



Our Beautiful Campsite By The Lake