Sidi Ifni

Sidi Ifni Beach – view fom the camp site
The camp site – view from the town above
Sidi Ifni at the top of the cliff

We planned to stay in Sidi Ifni for several days as we liked the town and knew it well. The town stood at the top of a hill overlooking the beach. There were three camp sites at beach level, two in walled areas which provided protection from the weather and one – our favourite – right alongside the beach, where the sound of the sea provided constant background noise. Fortunately, this site was the least busy and we were able to park facing the ocean. In the mornings the tardy sun eventually appeared over the cliff behind us and, in the afternoon as the sun moved round, the truck provided us with welcome shade. Night temperatures dropped to 15° and rose to 23° in the day. It felt warm but fresh with a tang of salt in the air. Perfick!

Small shops lined the Main Street
One of many stalls selling fresh bread

There was no supermarket in Sidi Ifni but the daily market sold fresh produce, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Stalls along the streets sold bread and had a regular supply of fresh loaves delivered by motorbike, still warm from the oven. Small shops lined the main streets, the interiors often too dark to see what was for sale inside – the knack was getting to know who sold what.

Town centre, Sidi Ifni

RIP Gordon Wright died 20th December, 2019 aged 98 years. “A quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over”. John Masefield.