Spain Again

We spent our last night in Morocco at a very dubious site about an hour’s drive from the ferry port at Larache. The site looked OK in the book but turned out to be a disused park, the toilets were derelict and there were a few dilapidated huts with groups of men sitting around, one of whom showed us to a parking spot close to a shabby office. When I enquired about security the guardian assured us that he would watch over us all night. One other camper van (Italian) joined us later that evening. Surprisingly we felt reasonably safe and, although we didn’t leave the camper van all evening, we passed a reasonably peaceful night. As far as we could tell the guardian spent the night in a plastic chair lined with a sheet of cardboard for insulation and a small campfire to keep him warm. 

We arrived at the ferry port at Tanger Med in good time for the ferry to Algeciras at 12 noon. That ferry left at 11.30 am before we had completed all the security checks, so we caught the next one a few hours later.
Half an hour after landing in Spain we were settled in at La Bella Vista camp site, next to the beach and with hotel grade facilities – what joy!  Unfortunately the site was filling up with British “snowbirds” who were arriving in their droves to winter in the Spanish sunshine. When we spotted the staff installing a plastic Santa on the roof of the restaurant we knew it was time to leave.