Stobreč, Split

We stayed three nights at Stobreč near the port of Split.  The campsite was excellent with clean, modern facilities  but we were disappointed with the surrounding area which was a dual carriageway and industrial units – plus playing fields – the former were ugly, the latter noisy.  We walked down to the harbour in the evening and had a good meal in the only restaurant.  There was a full moon as we walked home and noticed  that that the view looked much better after dark – or was it the bottle of wine we had just drunk?

We caught the bus into Split, a journey of twenty minutes.  It was a lovely city with a handsome esplanade filled with cafés and market stalls.  The older parts of the city dated back to early Roman times; the paving stones under our feet were worn quite smooth with age.   The ruins of Emperor Diocletian’s palace formed the centre of the old city, you could walk through any of the four portals and admire the ancient arches forming the cellars.  Surrounding the palace were a maze of narrow alleyways with shops and restaurants.


One Of Four Portals To The Emporor’s Palace