The early morning sun lighting up the mountains behind the camp site at Tata

We journeyed west from Foom Zguid to Tata, an old town on the Sahara Plain a thousand metres above sea level in the Jbel Bani mountains. The camp site was popular with long stay visitors, particularly from France. On previous visits to Tata we had found the camp site full with camper vans many of whom would stay for the whole winter. Due to Covid, Morocco had suspended ferries to and from Europe and when we arrived there were less than ten camper vans staying on the site. The weather was beautiful, 25° in the warm sunshine and dropping to 7° overnight.

Pastilla of chicken with salad

One evening we ate pastilla, cooked by the site owner’s wife and delivered to our truck. This was a pie made with a type of filo pastry, a North African speciality. Traditionally they used pigeon but ours was made with chicken and served with Moroccan salad and it was delicious.

We walked into town to do some shopping and were enticed by the smell of baking bread into the local bakery.

The Bakers Shop in Tata

We stayed four nights in Tata and the cost of our stay, including the pastilla supper, was less than £36. You could quite understand why folk from northern Europe with camper vans would find it economical to spend the winter months in Morocco.