The Duero Valley

We had a couple of days in the Duero Valley where we stocked up with wine. We enjoyed a late lunch at Bodegas Arzuaga, a restaurant well known for serving oven baked meats. We ordered (sorry, vegans) lamb served on a terracotta platter accompanied by bread and salad. The half lamb came complete with the tail and a kidney and arrived sizzling from the oven with no augmentation by way of herbs, onions or garlic. It tasted absolutely wonderful.

Against our better nature the wine waiter persuaded us to try a bottle of their Crianza 2018 which was a perfect partner to the delicate meat. We finished the meal with desserts and coffee. The whole meal cost us a little over £50 which we felt was a fair price for a couple of hours of pure joy.

The staff were very relaxed and gave us permission to stay in the hotel car park that night – we had parked the truck at the far end of the car park trying to look inconspicuous.

“Hiding” in corner of car park