La Ciudad Encantada

The View Over The Gorge, Sierra de Cuenca

We spent two days in Aranjuez, a city south of Madrid before heading west to the Sierra de Cuenca, 1200 metres above sea level.

We had a beautiful drive through the Cuenca Nature Reserve. We stopped overnight at a car park surrounded by trees adjacent to the “Enchanted City”. This was an area of ancient limestone set in the gorge where the lower part of the rocks had been eroded into weird and wonderful shapes. We paid a reasonable €4 each entrance fee. The site of 250 acres was spotless, the route well marked and there were very few other visitors. We spent an hour or so wandering around in the late afternoon sunshine, amazed by the strange shapes nature had created.

In the photograph below you may be able to see a man’s face in profile with the tree representing his hair – if you can’t see it, have a glass of wine and try again.

The next morning we strode up to the edge of the gorge where the views were stunning – photographs were not sufficient to capture the magnificence of what we saw.

Our Overnight Stopover