The road ahead was seemed a long one

We didn’t have any targets or goals for our journey, we were there just to suit ourselves and to travel where the inclination took us. The distances between the towns had been increasing as we travelled south and the mile upon mile of empty desert began to get tedious and driving became less enjoyable and more of a chore – so we took the decision at Samara to turn around and head north as there were many places on the coast that we wanted to revisit.

And so it was we found ourselves staying at Tan-Tan Beach again, this time heading north. The sea looked so enticing with huge waves crashing into the beach but the beach and seafront area needed a clean up.

Our electrician at home, Paul, had a friend who was leaving to travel through Morocco and on south for a winter’s surfing. Paul knew we were currently travelling in Morocco so told his friend to look out for Tony Morgan and showed him a picture of our truck. An English van drove into our camp site, the driver came over and said, “Are you Tony Morgan?” He was as surprised as we were, it was a chance in a million that our paths had crossed that evening. Almost on a par with, “Dr Livingstone, I presume?”

Our truck needed replacement windscreen wiper blades and whilst we were in Laayoune we asked at a MAN dealership. Unfortunately, in spite of making a couple of telephone calls, they were unable to help us. When we were at the site in Tan-Tan 200 miles away we noticed a little chap approaching our truck pulling an ancient golf trolley packed with windscreen wiper blades; he just happened to have a set that fitted the truck. We could not decide whether it was pure coincidence and the guy regularly toured camp sites for business or whether someone’s cousin’s brother had telephoned through and told the local man in Tan-Tan what we were looking for. It would seem unlikely in the UK but in Morocco . . . .