Lagunas de Ruidera 1

We stayed at Camping Los Batanes, a family site where Spanish families were noisily enjoying their weekend.  Everyone seemed to be shouting, dogs barking and children screaming.  We were were happy to sit back and enjoy the sounds of folk having fun and found it far less intrusive to our British ears than English speaking campers guffawing over too many bottles of Spanish wine late into the evening.

There were sixteen lakes spread over an area stretching 25k, each lake was at a different level and a series of rivers, waterfalls and underwater channels connected them.  We explored on our bikes the following day.  Although the weather was extremely warm, over 30°, it was cool enough cycling along slowly, picking up the breeze as we travelled. 


Then it was time for lunch.  We chose a restaurant beside a swimming area fed by the lake.  It was very crowded until about 2.30 pm when everyone suddenly disappeared.  Disappointing for Tony as he was enjoying bottom watching while he was eating his,lunch!