People Watching

People Watching is best done at the end of the day when the sun is less fierce and the evening shadows lengthen and you can sit outside with a cup of tea, a beer or a glass of wine, depending on how the day had been.  Yesterday we were relaxing with a perfectly chilled bottle of rosé wine and all was tranquil in Camp Morgan.  I was watching an English couple preparing their evening meal a few pitches away, they were a precise looking middle aged couple wearing matching shorts and T shirts.  They had a tiny caravan towed by a 4×4, with a couple of bicycles.  As they prepared their meal she was drinking white wine and he was on the red and every five minutes or so one our other of them would go into their caravan and reappear with their glass refilled.  This happened twice, then three times and when the husband got up for a fourth refill (and they were huge glasses), Tony commented on how much they were drinking and we continued to watch in awe as they downed glass after glass and still managed to get their food on the table.   By the time we had finished watching this scene of domestic bliss our own bottle of rosé had miraculously emptied and it was time to open another.  The Pot and Kettle phrase comes to mind.

We left the Lakes the following morning and headed east towards Valencia on the coast.  The road was long and straight and you could see for miles, fields neatly planted with vines just showing their first leaves.