Moroccan Borders Closed!

In November 2021 Morocco closed its borders to protect the country from European COVID. There was a lot of speculation amongst us travellers concerning our ninety day visitors’ visas. We were due to leave Morocco by the end of January 2022 and, should the ferries not be running, we would be guilty of overstaying our visa and, possibly, be subjected to a fine.

We understood that we could extend our visa by reporting to the local Police Station with multiple copies of various documents and be granted a “Prolongation de Sejour Exceptionelle”. It all seemed a bit of a faff and we decided to watch and wait for the time being.

Drinks on the roof terrace in Sidi Ifni
Carol, Tony and Eberhardt

We were, for us, having an unusually sociable time in Sidi Ifni. We had been invited to sundowners and nibbles by Carol and Ian who were staying on the site for the winter. Whilst there we recognised fellow guests, a German couple whom we had met on one of our previous visits to Sidi Ifni. Our social diary was quite empty and we readily accepted an invitation to their home – a little house of four rooms on four floors connected by a series of steep staircases – each room could not have measured more than six metres square. Maria and Eberhardt were not in the first flush of youth it was amazing how well they coped with the challenging layout. They even had a jacuzzi on the roof terrace which they purchased in Germany and had lifted into the house using their pulley system attached to the roof.