The Duero Valley

Now began the most important and serious part of our journey – buying wine.  Two hours’ drive brought us to the famous vineyards in the valley of the River Duero, where wine had been produced for two thousand years.  We drove down La Milla de Oro, the golden route for wine and visited some of the many bodegas that produce high quality wines.  Buying Wine For Son In Law

This hard work soon left us feeling peckish and we stopped for a delicious lunch of the local speciality, lechazo, slow roasted baby lamb.  The following day brought more wine tasting and another nursery lunch, this time roast baby boar.

Lunch of Baby Boar


  1. In the busy round of Christmas shopping and merry making!!! have just caught up on your travels. I started at the top and thought the food had improved in Morocco until I realised you were back in Spain. Put your winter drawers on as you get nearer to us snow forecast for this week. Great blog. xxJill

  2. We are in the Duero wine region in Spain not the Douro wine region in Portugal. We think it is the same Duero river flowing from Spain to Portugal, emptying into Atlantic at Oporto. They call it Duero in Spain and Douro in Portugal. Anyway, we are definitely in Spain!!