Lake Toya was an almost circular lake 10k in diameter; the Lake House was on the northern side of the lake.  The drive right around the lake took about forty minutes.  The town of Toyako was on the southern shore and from there you could get a ferry to Nakajima, the island in the centre of the lake.

Toyako was larger than Toya and had five or six large hotels overlooking the lake and shops, restaurants, cafés and bars.

Ferry Terminal at Toyako

We found a public footbath along the promenade.  The sign said that bathing the feet would alleviate symptoms of cold, muscular pain, cold sensitivity, menstrual cramps, stiff shoulders and fatigue without having to take a bath.  The water didn’t  look very inviting but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to gain all the benefits offered, so we sat down and dabbled our toes in the hot thermal water and found it extremely pleasant.  We relaxed bathing our feet for ten minutes or more and felt quite invigorated.  I think it worked!

The Foot Bath On Promenade

Our Lunch Spot At Toyaku